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Hidden places in North Goa

By: Team Ifairer | Posted: 29-04-2024
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With this list of the top 5 secret locations in Goa that most likely no one told you about, you can venture off the usual route. These consist of beautiful lakes, beaches, waterfalls, and even one of India's most eerie locations.

Additionally, the majority of Goa's hidden beauties remain unexplored and unspoiled. Thus, there isn't any large-scale travel.

Hidden places in North Goa

1. WelcomHeritage Panjim Inn
Welcome to Heritage The Panjim Inn is Goa's first listed heritage hotel, and it's located in the center of Fontainhas, Asia's only Latin Quarter.

The well-known and prosperous gentleman Francis Assis D'Silveir constructed this Catholic house. This hotel has undergone meticulous restoration and remodeling to preserve the beauty and allure of a bygone period.

2. Cumbarjua Canal

The Cumbarjua Canal is another hidden gem in Goa that has made it onto this list.
This is a about 15-kilometer long, narrow section of saline sea. It links the Mandovi and Zuari rivers, which are the two rivers in Goa.

One of the greatest spots in the state to see crocodiles is on the marshy banks of the canal, which supports a sensitive environment.

A no-man's land separating the Portuguese and Bijapur kingdoms was the Island of Cumbarjua. That's why the crocodiles that inhabit these brackish waters were introduced almost a century ago—to ward off invaders.

3. Chorla Ghats, Intersection of Goa, Karnataka, Maharashtra Border
Numerous natural wonders that are hidden from public view can be found in Goa. Among them is Chorla Ghat. It is northeast of Panaji, at the confluence of the borders of Goa, Karnataka, and Maharashtra.
This location, which is a part of the stunning Western Ghats known for their biodiversity, stunning waterfalls, and a few endangered species, is well-known for its astounding natural beauty.

Situated at an approximately 800-meter altitude, it is covered with clouds during the monsoon season. Vazira Shakira Fall is the largest of the various tiny waterfalls that can
be seen here.

4. Casa Severina

Casa Severina, which is close to Calangute Beach, is a great endeavor to resurrect the past and highlight the grandeur of the vernacular history, culture, ethos, and architecture of the past.

5. Harvalem Falls
You ought to go to Harvalem Falls if you want to spend a week in Goa having fun. One of the most popular tourist destinations in Goa during the monsoon season is these magnificent falls, which are close to Mapusa in North Goa. This location is perfect for a picnic or enjoyable outing with family and friends because the waters drop down to a height of 50 meters.

The history of this waterfall is intriguing.
Now make travel plans to Goa and explore all these undiscovered locations before everyone else finds them and starts to sell them! A staff of bilingual travel specialists can assist you in booking the package so you may receive the tour package of your choice.

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hidden places in north goa, chorla ghats, casa severina, harvalem falls

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