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Common Scams To Look Out For While Travelling

By: Team Ifairer | Posted: 29-05-2024
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Common Scams To Look Out For While Travelling
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Traveling can be one of life's greatest pleasures, offering new experiences, cultures, and memories. However, it can also make you a target for scams, especially if you're unfamiliar with the local customs and language. Here’s a guide to some of the most common scams you might encounter while traveling and how to avoid them.

 1. Taxi Scams

One of the most common scams is the taxi scam. This can take several forms:

● Overcharging: The driver takes a longer route or charges a higher rate than normal.
● Meter Scams: The meter is "broken" or rigged to run faster than usual.
● Fixed Fares: Instead of using the meter, the driver quotes a fixed fare that's much higher than it should be.

How to Avoid:

● Use reputable taxi companies or rideshare apps.
● Agree on a fare before starting the journey if the meter isn’t used.
● Research the typical cost of taxi rides in the area.

 2. Fake Police Officers

Scammers may pose as police officers, ask to see your identification and then claim there's an issue with your visa or other documents. They will demand an immediate fine to resolve the problem.

How to Avoid:

● Always ask for identification and verify their credentials.
● If unsure, insist on going to the nearest police station.

 3. Pickpocketing

Crowded tourist areas are prime spots for pickpockets. They often work in teams and use distractions to steal from you.

How to Avoid:

● Use money belts or antitheft bags.
● Keep your valuables in front of you, especially in crowded areas.
● Be cautious of people creating distractions.

 4. Accommodation Scams

●Fake Listings: Scammers create fake listings for accommodations that don't exist.
●Switch and Bait: You book a nice room but upon arrival, you’re given a substandard one.

How to Avoid:

● Book through reputable websites and read reviews.
● Use credit cards for bookings as they often offer fraud protection.
● Confirm reservations directly with the accommodation.

 5. ATM Scams

Skimming devices can be placed on ATMs to steal your card information. Hidden cameras might capture your PIN.

How to Avoid:

● Use ATMs inside banks or welllit, secure locations.
● Cover your PIN when entering it.
● Regularly check your bank statements for unauthorized transactions.

 6. Fake Tickets and Tours

You may be approached by someone selling tickets to attractions or tours at a discounted rate. Often, these tickets are fake or the tour doesn't exist.

How to Avoid:

● Purchase tickets from official sources or authorized sellers.
● Research and book tours through reputable agencies.

 7. WiFi Scams

Free public WiFi can be a trap. Scammers set up fake networks to steal your personal information once you connect.

How to Avoid:

● Use VPNs when accessing public WiFi.
● Avoid accessing sensitive information, like banking, on public networks.

 8. Currency Exchange Scams

Some currency exchange places, especially those near tourist areas, may offer poor rates or charge hidden fees.

How to Avoid:

● Exchange money at banks or use ATMs.
● Know the current exchange rate before changing money.
● Count your money carefully before leaving the counter.

By being vigilant and prepared, you can avoid these common scams and enjoy a safe and pleasant journey. Safe travels!
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common scams to look out for while travelling,travelling,scams

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