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When will I get my true love?

By: Team Ifairer | Posted: 24-05-2023
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Radha and Meera, neither Radha nor Meera got love in their mortal bodies. Radha who loved Krishna so much was never able to move on while Krishna did, and married Rukmani. In memory of Krishna she kept playing his flute so much so that she was cursed of not following her dharma of being a wife and thinking of another man "krishna" . Her love for krishna was only a reflection of her soul in her eyes. So much was love. She was cursed that she will go to hell and she will never be able to return to Vaikunth. Krishna played his last flute near his dying Radha, she died as a normal mortal being aging, while Krishna remained young. Isnt this amazing?

Krishna will play his flute once again, when Radha(his rhythm) will merge into his soul via her journey from earth to brahman(Krishna), This era is the awakening of Radha who is moving slowly towards Krishna to its eternity. There will be many Meera s and Radhas that will take birth that are small icons of Krishna and Radha sangam.. as the universe of being- one brahman and the lost love will fill the gaps again of emotional unavailibilities, when Krishna plays his flute once again, seeing the slow ascesion of radha merging with him.Thats when we all will find love.

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when will i get my true love, true love, satyamshakti, poonamdutta

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