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What is Adah Sharma's unique resolution this year?

By: Team Ifairer | Posted: 17-01-2024
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What is Adah Sharma's unique resolution this year?, adah sharma,  the kerala story
After having a very successful 2023 with the highest female grossing film of all time with The Kerala Story one would expect Adah to have a huge wish list this year .
But the actress have a shocking answer when asked what her resolution this year is.

While others resolution list have many
Adah says , " 2023 gave me sooooo much more than I ever thought I deserved to ask for . So in 2024 i thought instead of asking what the new year can give me i should give back to the new year . I'm working closely with various animal organisations for stray animals , abused elephants . People give me so much love so I must give back . "

Adah is now gearing up for Sunflower season 2 . After Commando and Kerala story where she did action and drama she now will be seen doing comedy. Adah will also be seen in Bastar made by the same makers of the Kerala story
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