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The Impact of Social Media on Fast Fashion Trends

By: Team Ifairer | Posted: 28-05-2024
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The Impact of Social Media on Fast Fashion Trends, the impact of social media on fast fashion trends
Social media, a powerful force in our lives, has accelerated the pace of the fashion industry, particularly with the rise of fast fashion. In the past, the industry operated on a two-runway-per-year schedule. Now, labels churn out a new weekly collection, totalling 52 collections annually. This rapid shift in fashion trends, primarily driven by social media, is a testament to its influence.

Understanding Our Clothing Consumption Patterns

Social media has contributed to an upsurge in overconsumption in recent years. Shopping sprees have increased due to the rapid movement in trends. Try-on videos and shopping hauls with trending hashtags on social media—a.k.a. ultra-fast fashion—are becoming increasingly common. Ultra-fast fashion encourages buying cheap apparel from retailers like Shein, Fashion Nova, and Princess Polly, wearing it a few times and then tossing it away—even though fast fashion moves swiftly enough as it is. These businesses have improved the fast fashion business model by over ten times. The proliferation of ultra-fast fashion companies can be ascribed to their growing utilisation of influencer alliances and promotional tactics.  

How YouTube Began the Trend of Clothing Hauls

Even if more modern platforms like Instagram and TikTok significantly contribute to the advancement of fashion trends, YouTube was the first social media network to encourage people to shop. Early YouTube users began creating haul films when the platform appeared in 2005. As time went on, this concept became so popular that it was imitated by other content creators worldwide.  

What is the Future of Social Media in the Fashion Industry?

Social networking has harmed the fashion industry and encouraged sustainable and ethical fashion methods. Fast fashion influencers' growth coincided with the slow fashion community's expansion. Unlike influencers in the fast fashion industry, the slow fashion community supports ethical business methods in the fashion industry. This entails educating people about laws, pay scales, rules, and other essential adjustments to mitigate the adverse effects of fast fashion companies. The slow fashion community also creates content highlighting thrifting, mending, and purchasing high-quality goods.

This is significant because it gives creativity a place in our everyday existence. The slow fashion movement encourages people to be stylish without harming the environment or their cash account instead of buying new things. Fashion becomes more humanistic when worn or even when outfits are repeated. It enables an object to be worn in various ways and artistically explored. Furthermore, the slow fashion community offers do-it-yourself tips and valuable skills like thrifting and upcycling.
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