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Some Fashion Mistakes we usually do!

By: Team Ifairer | Posted: 05-02-2022
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Some Fashion Mistakes we usually do!, fashion mistakes,  fashion tips,  fashion for girls
By Kanishka Vijay 

These are the general fashion mistakes we usually make. Give it a read and find out if you do SO!

1. Improper Fit - You can wear expensive clothing but if that is not your size, it can just ruin your whole look. Do not try to hide your flaws into baggy clothing or try to squeeze into an outfit that is too small for you. Know your size and wear it accordingly. How your outfit fits you, is an important aspect of dressing.

2. Bad or Visible Undergarments- Wearing clothes with panty lines showing is another error we all usually make. Visible panty lines or straps can look really bad and can make your look from 10 to 0 in seconds. You can avoid this error by wearing thongs or seamless underwear.

3. Too much Jewellery- Too much jewelry when not required can confuse and downgrade any look. If you know how to style too much jewelry in the right way, obviously you can do it otherwise wearing long earrings, too much statement jewelry, bangles, stack, everything at once can ruin your look. 
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fashion mistakes, fashion tips, fashion for girls

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