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Solo Vacations: Best Places to Visit

By: Team Ifairer | Posted: 22-05-2024
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Choose a fantastic destination for your next single trip, from artistic getaways to beachside hideaways.

Travelling alone has several benefits, including the ability to pursue your interests and the flexibility to not have to fit into other people's schedules. In addition, a lot of places have plenty of activities, convenient transit, and generally safe surroundings, making them perfect for solo exploration. Here are a few places in the world that are best suited for single travellers to think about visiting on your next vacation.


Norway is a haven for nature lovers, providing some of the most breathtaking sights you'll ever see for daring tourists. It's tough to choose just one place to travel to when there are so many amazing beaches, breathtaking panoramas, and powerful fjords to explore. So why choose? Finding the ideal solo trip in Norway is easy because there are so many tour operators there.


Japan's capital, Tokyo, is the most populous city in the world and an ideal place to visit on your own. The city has a strong public transport system that is efficient and simple to use, and it is renowned for being safe despite its vast population. You'll find it easier than ever to explore the city on your own thanks to the rise of bilingual signs; nevertheless, don't forget to download a translation app.

Perth, Australia

Perth, the capital of Western Australia and arguably the sunniest capital city in the nation, sees a lot of tourist traffic. It's designed to make visiting easy, including free public Wi-Fi, free hop-on/hop-off CAT buses, and a free information kiosk operated by volunteers that is open every day.

Take advantage of Perth's amazing weather and visit Kings Park, which has 400 hectares of natural land and walking trails right in the middle of the city, to see more than 3,000 different varieties of wildflowers. Enjoy breathtaking views of the Darling Ranges, the Perth metropolitan skyline, and the Swan River that meanders through the city by visiting at sunrise or sunset.

Beaver Creek, Colorado

There is always plenty to do in this quaint Rocky Mountain village for individuals who enjoy being outside. At Denver International Airport, board an Epic Mountain Express shuttle and head roughly 130 miles west to your hotel, residence, or condominium. Beaver Creek Resort makes it easy for you to get around on your own with its complimentary shuttle service that goes anywhere in the resort. In the warmer months, take pleasure in lonely hiking, mountain biking, and relaxing by a serene mountain stream. In the winter, ski and snowboard to your heart's content.
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solo vacations: best places to visit, perth, australia, beaver creek, colorado, tokyo, norway

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