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Remedies for Weak Sun

By: Team Ifairer | Posted: 27-05-2024
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Remedies for Weak Sun
, remedies for weak sun
An important planet in birth charts and astrology is the Sun, also known as Surya Dev. Because of its powerful magnetic field, the Sun is the centre of rotation for all other heavenly planets. The largest of them is the Sun, which stands for the universe's paternal figure. Since the Sun is said to be a Kaarak planet, its weak location might lead to various problems in life. It also represents the higher authority in the Kundali chart; thus, you will place a favourable position if it is optimal. Therefore, where it is placed is quite essential. Utilising solar remedies and the sun's beneficial impact can lead to prosperity, good fortune, and a stellar reputation. Furthermore, a lack of sun can result in unpleasant behaviour, poor creativity, health problems, low self-esteem, and more challenges in life!

In this blog post, we will delve into the influence of the Sun in astrology and birth charts. We will also explore various remedies to strengthen a weak Sun, which can help you overcome the challenges associated with it.

Signs of Weak Sun

Another name for the sun is Prana, or life. Inaccurate Sun placement in the birth chart can result in a variety of complications, ranging from serious health problems to anything! If your solar is weak, you can experience all of the following. As a result, solar remedies are advised for everyone with a weak Sun in their chart.

●Light constipation and digestive problems
●Having trouble reaching success
●Fatigue and low energy
●Low self-worth
●Poor vision and brittle bones

Sun Remedies in Astrology | Remedies for Weak Sun

Listed below are a few sun remedies that could be performed to make your Surya stronger:

Worship the Sun and chant Mantras:

The sun is shown with seven horses as its vehicle, signifying seven chakras in the body. The ultimate source of life, energy, and light is the Sun. Whether you seek mental peace or want to eliminate uncertainties and concerns, worshipping or bowing to the sun can make a powerful difference. Worshipping the sun has the power to solve all of life's issues. Given that copper is frequently used in Hindu pujas and customs, one of the many treatments for the sun recommended by the Vedic Shastras is to present water to Surya Dev, the Sun God. Because of the Satvik character of copper, pristine utensils are employed in lord worship.

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