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Perfect fashion accessories with ethnic attire

By: Team Ifairer | Posted: 13-03-2020
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Ethnic attires are a prestigious and much-loved part of each and every Indian woman's life. Skirts, Sarees, Salwar-Kameez - the list of ethnic attires just goes on. However, without any proper fashion accessories on this attire can make you look bland and arguably, less pretty. Given below are some nice fashion accessories, right from earrings to clutches and purses, which you can use to enhance your look and you can also avail some excitingly amazing offers online at Myntra with deals and discounts especially along with some specially curated Myntra coupons for new users!

Blingy Shimmery Clutch:
Now, a shimmery clutch might not be the frequently used item in your cupboard, but that's okay; it actually has enough ways of utilization. It will add a festive vibe to your attire, and make you look even more fashionable. The clutch should be a shimmery, blingy one, it will surely shine less than you though!

The perfect earrings:
Whatever you do, earrings are something you can't afford to go wrong in. If you like those big, flowy ones, well okay, or some small, regal looking ones, then just go for it; don't keep your ears empty though. An ethnic attire is never complete without earrings, and getting the perfect earrings, therefore, it is a must. Jhumkas, tops, hoops, barbells, dangle, stud/minimal - these and all other kinds of earrings can help complement your attire; go with the right one.

Pretty Footwear:
Suitable footwears are needed to be paired with the dress; you wouldn't actually wear shoes over saree now, would you? However, when you have a nice pair of golden heels, then all is going to be right in the world. A pair of golden heels will be the signature look; and if you wear it over kurta, dhoti, and salwar, or even a nice traditional skirt - it is bound to give you a festive, traditional look as soon as you wear it. If you don't have it already, then what are you waiting for? Go purchase it from Myntra, the obvious fashion stop of India.

A statement ring:
A statement ring doesn't have to always be the big ones or even the small ones - you can fashion that one however you want. There are studded ones, non-studded, simply a band; options are endless, which you can practically use to expand your rings' collection. If I am to give you an example, a gorgeous ring with a black stone in the middle of it, will go with more than half of the outfits; try to find it and include in your collection.

An all-purpose dupatta:
Dupattas are beautiful creations provided to us by the womankind - and we will be bad not to use it to our heart's content! If by any chance you love wearing suits, Kurtis or kurtas, then you have every right to drape a nice, bright, unique and good quality dupatta over it. You don't have to buy each and every kind of dupatta; getting one all-purpose dupatta would suffice. If you are not sure to get such a good dupatta, then you can obviously get it from Myntra!

Beautiful bindis:

Bindis are unique to our Indian Culture; in fact, in most of the cultures assimilated in our country, you will see bindis used in abundance. No, these are not the bindis that you latch in your hair, but the ones you stick on your forehead. They have the power to accentuate your look in mere seconds. Not only these give your smooth forehead much-needed attention, but they also give your ethnic attire a 'desi' look!

The right necklace:
I know necklaces have fallen out of trend - they do fall back in, but the trend doesn't hold on much longer. However, one right necklace on the ethnic attire and everything would just look a lot more beautiful and produce a well put together look. It wouldn't make sense if you pair up a dull necklace with a traditional ethnic attire - make sure you perfectly pair the right kind of necklace with the right kind of dress. The necklace is something you will get from Myntra, obviously.

Colorful bangles:
Bangles are actually a trademark of any Indian woman, especially if she is married. While the married woman has to compulsorily wear green bangles, at least in Maharashtrian culture, it can still become the perfect fashion accessory to pair up with your ethnic attire. No, you don't have to always match it with the dress, but just keep it mix and match - there are certainly many options you can choose for this. Even using those beautiful, rustic metallic colored bangles in gold, silver or bronze!

All of these fashion accessories - and so much more, are available at a pocket-friendly rate on Myntra. And better yet, you can actually get all of these at an, even more, discounted prices, thanks to the great offers and deals that Myntra puts forth all year long. Use your coupons and make your attire - and in turn, you - the star of the gathering.

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perfect fashion accessories with ethnic attire, fashion accessories, ethnic attire, fashion trends 2020, latest fashion, ifairer

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