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Pav Bhaji Recipe

By: Team Ifairer | Posted: 15-03-2024
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Pav Bhaji Recipe
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3 medium sizes potatoes,  2 cups cups chopped cauliflower, 1 cup chopped carrot, three fourth cup peas, halfcup chopped french beans,1 large onion - finely chopped, 2 to 3 large tomatoes - finely chopped, 1 medium sized capsicum, 2 tsp ginger-garlic paste, 1 or 2 green chilies, 3 to 3.5 tbsp pav bhaji masala, half tsp garam masala powder, 1 tsp chilly powder, 1 tsp turmeric powder, 1 tsp cumin seeds, 1.5 to 2 cups water, 2 to 3 tbsp amul butter, salt as required, 12 pavs for serving with the bhaji.

Preparing the Bhaji:
Rinse all the vegetables well.Boil all the vegetables except onions, tomatoes and capsicum in a pressure cooker or microwave oven.
Finely chop the onions, green chilies, tomatoes and capsicum. Keep aside
Once the potatoes, cauliflower etc are cooked. Then peel the potaotes. Roughly chop all the steamed veggies and then mash them lightly with a potato masher. Keep aside. Just lightly mash. Do not make a puree.
In a pan, add butter. When the butter melts, add cumin seeds. When they sizzle, add the chopped onions.
Saute the onions till they become translucent. Now add the ginger-garlic paste.
Saute till the raw aroma of the ginger-garlic paste

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pav bhaji, recepies, tea time recepies, mumbaiya pav bhaji

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