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Outfits that looks expensive on you

By: Team Ifairer | Posted: 10-08-2022
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Outfits that looks expensive on you , outfits that looks expensive on you


1.    Neutral colour palette: When styling with colors from the same color  creating a cohesive outfit that doesn’t mix together is much easier. It results in a much more refined final product!

2.    Luxe fabrics: This includes silk, cashmere, leather, and any other fabric typically associated with luxury. But getting this look doesn’t require a ton of money, as you may think!

3.    Structured bag:  A structured bag is a great way to elevate an outfit and give it that classic luxurious look on you!

4.    High-quality accessories:
silk scarf is perfect for adding a pop of color and pattern and classic loafers will always be in style.

5.    Long Coat: A long coat is one of those classic styles that will always look your outfit to the next level. Even over a basic pair of jeans, a good coat gives your look clean lines radiate elegance.

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outfits that looks expensive on you

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