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Nikhil Kamath in his most recent episode of "WTF is", is here to delve into a comprehensive discussion on the topic of "Health"

By: Team Ifairer | Posted: 08-07-2023
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Nikhil Kamath in his most recent episode of
India's Brightest Investor, Nikhil Kamath is here with the new episode of his podcast series where actor/ ceos who are all fitness and health enthusiasts come together for a discussion on- Health. After dropping out of school post class 10, Nikhil went onto become India's youngest Billionaire and is currently making use of highly consumed digital platforms to break down relevant topics for the layman, along with a panel of various achievers and experts in and around the field that he brings together, for an opinion based discussion.

In the insightful podcast Nikhil Kamath hosted guests like the renowned actor, Suniel Shetty, the profound owner of cult.fit and Nithin Kamath, a fitness enthusiast, who also the co founder of Zerodha. All experts in their own fields, discuss around their common passion for health, fitness, diet etc. while also revealing Anecdotes from their personal and professional lives.

When talking about Nikhil’s experience on meeting the endearing Suniel Shetty, he said :
"One thing about you which I should say is very, very endearing is the way you treat this 20 to 35 year age group, bracket guys and girls, I think, like, amongst the people, I know there's Anil, there’s Shetty, there's all these people who treat you as a friend and you're able to be with them, hang out with them, and be amongst them, like you belong in that group, which I think is really hard. Yeah. So start from there and tell us a little bit about yourself.”

“I think for me, my journey you know, connects to all this and the youth is because I, I started off as an actor not believing that I was gonna get an opportunity the South Indian boy that doesn't speak the language of course I spoke Hindi in school, but I managed to get through probably 40-45 out of 100 when it came to my diction was never very good because we spoke Tulu at home. I never spoke Hindi, not a word of hindi so when I got into the business of cinema, thanks to my martial arts background, I believed that I was going to be successful like probably a Mr. Bachchan would. But then when the results come out, you see success at the box office, but you have a critique, writing you have completely and say your wooden reality it is so hard. We don't want to do take a step back and then decide you know what, the only way I can stay here is if I create an image for myself, what is my strength, action work on it. But there are a lot of others who are doing action to then. Do death defying stunts take that risk, let that family not know but go every morning to do action, believing that either you're gonna come back with a broken bone or you're not going to come back at all. It's a tough job right? It’s a very tough job being an action heroes.”

Witness an engaging and thought-provoking conversation hosted by India's youngest billionaire, where he invites esteemed guests to share their wisdom and expertise.
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