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Love your stilettos! you need a rethink

By: Team Ifairer | Posted: 23-02-2022
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Love your stilettos! you need a rethink, kanishka vijay,  high heels,  health tips
By Kanishka Vijay

Those sexy heels that add a few inches to your frame might be attractive and tempting but you would not want to wear them at the expense of your health. Would you? Wearing high heels with elan may make women appear confident and attractive but not many know they can cause back pain.

We bring you some of the key facts that must be known, so you can make up your mind before reaching those heights.

1) The higher the heel the more the pressure. It has been proven that 3 inch long heels put 76 percent, 2-inch heels put 57 percent and 1-inch heels put 22 percent pressure on your heel bone.

2) Hips, shoulders, back, and spine are thrown out of posture due to high heels.

3) If you are overweight, high heels affect your balance and increase the chances of injury.

4) Metatarrsalgia - pain in the area of the foot just before the toe - is increased due to high heels.

5) Straps and rigid backs of pump-style shoes may cause enlargement of bone of the back of the heel.

6) Ill-fitted high heels from the front may cause squeezing feet.

7) If you wear high heels for long it can cause harm to the tendon and calf muscles permanently.
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kanishka vijay, high heels, health tips

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