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Know the Dark traits of your Zodiac Sign - II

By: Team Ifairer | Posted: 15-05-2024
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Know the Dark traits of your Zodiac Sign - II, know the dark traits of your zodiac
In the last blog, we covered the 4 zodiac signs. In this article, we will cover the rest signs.

Scorpio stings sometimes itself in fury! This is the problem with this sign of the Zodiac. They hurt themselves when they are angry which is a deadly thing to do! The Scorpions have a very manipulative streak. They are passionate lovers but can go to any extent to destroy their lovers in case they betray them. Their anger is the main reason for their downfall in both personal and professional life. They tend to lose their minds when something does not happen according to their strategy. Scorpions should practice control of their anger and aggression to lead a balanced life.


Sagittarians are very straightforward and blunt. They have an arrogant attitude due to which people prefer being away from them. They do not think about what or why they say something. They are only worried about passing their opinion. A Sagittarian is a knowledgeable sign of the Zodiac and sometimes they indulge in too much boasting of their vast knowledge. Instead of helping others, they prefer taunting them for their defeats and downfalls.


Capricorns are the most dominating sign of the Zodiac. They like taking charge of everything around them. Another dark trait of this sign is that they are very hard and do not bend. They do not go with the flow of time and behave absurdly. They involve themselves with people who spend all their time gossiping and this sometimes hampers the growth of a Capricorn. If they keep a little carefulness towards the things that need their priority, their life can be very happy and smooth.


Aquarians consider themselves the most logical beings and do not leave any chance to advise people, whether they even need it or not! But when it comes to their own life, Aquarians never make good decisions. They remain a little detached from the outside world and love being with themselves. The Aquarians are very good at heart which is a negative aspect as this allows people around them to take their advantage in every manner.


Pisces lives in an imaginative world. They enter into their world once they feel that they are not being loved or taken care of. This tendency to get aloof from everything around is a bad thing. Pisceans must realize that escapism or slipping into a make-believe world can give temporary peace but is surely not a permanent solution to problems.

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