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Khushi Kapoor receives genuine and heartwarming praise from industry starlets, and media for her effortless performance as Betty Cooper

By: Team Ifairer | Posted: 08-12-2023
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Khushi Kapoor receives genuine and heartwarming praise from industry starlets, and media for her effortless performance as Betty Cooper, khushi kapoor,  the archies,  heartwarming,
Bollywood's newest sensation, Khushi Kapoor, marked her grand entry into the industry with her debut movie, 'The Archies,' streaming now on Netflix. Critics and celebs couldn’t help but shower praise on Khushi's performance as the iconic Betty Cooper.

Khushi Kapoor is receiving rave reviews for her effortless performance as Betty Cooper from celebrities, and critics proving her genuine star power on screen.

Critics have hailed Khushi as the next big star to enter Bollywood for her abundant talent and ability to emote screen saying, “Khushi Kapoor is the next big thing in The Archies. She shines in every frame. She might just be the next big star of Bollywood”, and we couldn’t agree more.

Noticing her de-glam and real talent another critic said, “Khushi makes you forget about her glam social life on Instagram with her simplistic performance. I am eager to see what she does next”. While another critic reviewed, “Khushi Kapoor impressed as Betty, and has scope to perform with her emotional scenes, which she pulls off with aplomb.”

 Among them celebs who attended the premier took a moment to appreciate Khushi’s performance. Katrina Kaif expressed her admiration, stating, "Khushi Kapoor is just so lovely and endearing and gets us to feel for her."

Malaika Arora, captivated by Khushi's effortless portrayal, said, "@khushi05k ur just so effortless and absolutely radiant on the screen.. the perfect Betty."

Even family ties didn't hold back the Kapoor sisters' support, as Janhvi Kapoor penned a heartfelt message for the entire cast, including out Khushi,"@khushi05k I would always go up in arms if anyone ever hurt you, but I think I'd do even more for Betty Cooper. She has my heart. And it's only because of the warmth, honesty, and charm that you've given her."

Notably, Khushi Kapoor's performance touched the heart of none other than Karan Johar, who shared his genuine thoughts, "@khushi05k as Betty broke my heart in the most beautiful way! Watch out for her silent moments... and her compassionate eyes! A heartbreaker in every way!!! Loved her!"

Khushi Kapoor's foray into Bollywood appears to be nothing short of a natural progression. Effortlessly stealing the spotlight, she has won hearts with her undeniable talent and captivating screen presence. As 'The Archies' continues to make waves, Khushi Kapoor emerges as a promising star on the rise, leaving audiences eager for more of her cinematic brilliance.
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