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How to make delicious Sindhi Koki at home

By: Team Ifairer | Posted: 22-12-2022
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How to make delicious Sindhi Koki at home
, sindhi koki,  chopped onions, coriander
Without being sindhi you can now taste the flavours of delicious sindhi koki at home
because now its easy to make that with this recipe.

For delicious Sindhi Koki, first you have to take wheat flour in that you have to
add chopped onions, coriander, carom seeds, salt, red chilli powder and oil in
good quantity after adding all these you have to prepare a rough dough out of it.
After preparing the dough keep it aside for rest.

After the rest take that dough and start making the balls out of that dough
after that take one balland roll out with rolling pin and put over the hot pan,
in between put some oil over it and flip it for 2-3 times.

Your delicious fresh hot koki is ready to serve with green chutney and curd.
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sindhi koki, chopped onions,coriander

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