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Garbh Sanskar - An ancient Vedic science of pregnancy Wellness

By: Team Ifairer | Posted: 18-04-2023
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Garbh Sanskar - An ancient Vedic science of pregnancy Wellness, garbh sanskar
Garbh Sanskar is a principle as old as our Human civilisation. The knowledge of garbh sanskar dates back to ancient scriptures including garbhopnishad, Rig Veda, Manusmriti, Sushruta Samhita & Charak Samhita.

It isn’t a new concept, its just that now we know its significance going deep to reconnect our roots & principles.
Garbh means womb & Sanskar means - value. Nuturing the child & teaching the ethics - values in womb with Happy, Healthy& Positive lifestyle during pregnancy.

Garbh sanskar comprises of first three sanskars of the sixteen(16) sanskars mentioned in our ancient deep rooted Indian culture by great sages (Rishi-munis).

1. Garbhadhan Sanskar (Preconception)
2. Punsawan Sanskar (conception to 7th Month of Pregnancy )
3. Simantonayan Sanskar ( Pregnancy 7th Month onwards to delivery)

As our ancestors said Mother’s womb is the the First divine school for the unborn.
Also, According to scientific research,“ 80 % of the Brain development is happening in mother’s womb”&“every minute unborn develops 2.5 lakhs neurons.”

The pregnant mother's diet, fitness, emotional state and the kind of activities involved in their daily lives affects the development of the baby's brain.
Positive thinking and a positive attitude can go a long way in ensuring the mental and physical well- being of the mother, which is linked to well- being of the baby inside her womb as well.

There are many examples from our past as well as present day,
Let it be Abhimanyu, who learned the great chakravyuh  from his mother’s womb, or the great mother Jija bai who taught her sone bravery & war skills while he was in his mothers womb. Modern day examples like zakir Hussain or a viral video of a 8 month old baby scaling wall as her parents did rock climbing during pregnancy.
There are many other incidents to prove  that the bond of the mother and child is way beyond our imagination & understanding. Garbh Sanskar is a principle & lifestyle to be followed during pregnancy.

There is no right or wrong time to start with Garbh Sanskar. It can begin with as early as spouse selection to various rituals of wedding ceremonies, during pregnancy & post delivery as long as baby is feeding on mother’s milk. There is well established process known by different names in different cultures across the country. So whenever the couple is ready to plan to their pregnancy they must follow Garbh Sanskar or as we say Better Late then never.
That is why it is possible to have a child with the best qualities only by practicing Garbhsanskar on daily basis. Garbhsanskar is the lifestyle of pregnant woman; it is the mental food of the unborn. In order to nourish the body, just as food should be taken daily, Garbhsanskar should also be practiced daily.
As mahatma Gandhi once said-“The future depends on what we do in the present” as “ What we sow is what we reap ”.

So Preganacy is the time of seeding the seed of future in our womb.
Seeding the seed for tomorrow
Seeding the seed of sustainability
Seeding the seed of empathy towards society
Seeding the seed of the future we vision for our generations to come, creating this world a better place to live in peacefully & happily.

Sonal Agarwal Rawat

Motivational Speaker
Garbh Sanskar & Life Coach
Founder, Garbh Sanskar By Sonal

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