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Benefits of "Namaskar"

By: Team Ifairer | Posted: 28-09-2023
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Benefits of "Namaskar"
Benefits of
Origin and the meaning of the word 'Namaskar'
The word 'Namaskar' is derived from the root 'namaha', which means paying obeisance (Namaskar) or salutation.From Science of Justice -- 'Namaha' is a physical action expressing that 'you are superior to me in all qualities and in every way'.

Wordly Benefits
By doing Namaskar to a deity or a Saint, unknowingly their virtues and capabilities are impressed upon our minds. Consequently we start emulating them, thus changing ourselves for the better.

Spiritual Benefits
Increase in humility and reduction of ego, Enhancement in the spiritual emotion of surrender and gratitude.

We receive the highest amount of Sattva component from the posture (mudra) of Namaskar.
By  doing Namaskar to Deities or Saints we receive subtle frequencies emitted by them, e.g. frequencies of Sattva or Bliss.

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