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Avoid these 5 Mistakes to Prevent Wrecking Your Trip

By: Team Ifairer | Posted: 14-05-2024
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Avoid these 5 Mistakes to Prevent Wrecking Your Trip, avoid these 5 mistakes to prevent wrecking your trip
People worldwide are taking this quote seriously and traveling to more and more places than ever before. Naturally, we want our trip to be blissful in every way possible, but often, something goes wrong, ruining the fun. While some things are unavoidable, others are in our control. Humans are prone to erring, and it can happen to anyone. Having a big brain, we also cannot do certain things. So, read further about some common mistakes that people make while traveling and how we can prevent those from wrecking our trip:

1. Not Taking Enough Time to Plan

One of the most common errors we make is planning suddenly. When we do that, we plan too much or too little. Don’t try to plan the entire trip in 2-3 hours; however, short the duration, give yourself 2-3 DAYS. This is important as it determines how your trip turns out.

2. Over or Under-Packing

This is also a part of planning, wherein we overestimate or underestimate how many clothes we need. Often, we book our tickets a month before and then forget about it until the day before. This is where the root of the problem lies: packing at the last moment. Packaging at least a day before with a calm mind is better to gauge your requirements.

3. Not Having a Budget

When we execute our plans in haste, it is possible that we don’t have enough budget aside. This happens when we don’t consider miscellaneous charges like eating out, commuting, and shopping. So, while planning or even as your departure date comes near, start thinking of things likely to exceed your budget and try to assimilate those, too.

4. Booking Connecting Flights with Short Layover

We all want to get to our destination as soon as possible, and for that,t we often need to book connecting flights with short layovers. We ignore the possibility that the first flight might get delayed or something might go wrong at the airport, which causes us to miss the onward flight. So, always book connecting flights with a 4-5-hour layover. Even if nothing goes wrong at the airport and your first flight arrives on time, you will have several things to do at the airport itself, especially if that airport is in a city like Delhi or Mumbai.

5. Not Checking our Passport and Visa

When traveling internationally, we can take our passports and visas for granted and not check their validity. Many countries require your visa to be valid for at least six months from landing. If you don’t confirm this, you might not be allowed to board the flight. If you get to the board, you might never clear your destination country’s customs and get a chance to leave the airport. We must always check our visa and get it renewed if needed.
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avoid these 5 mistakes to prevent wrecking your trip

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