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Angela Krislinzki shares a heartfelt message after receiving a lot of love for her latest film 'Tauba Tera Jalwa', check out

By: Team Ifairer | Posted: 10-01-2024
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Angela Krislinzki shares a heartfelt message after receiving a lot of love for her latest film 'Tauba Tera Jalwa', check out, angela krislinzki ,  tauba tera jalwa
Angela Krislinzki is presently winning a lot of love and appreciation for her recent project. Her latest film 'Tauba Tera Jalwa' is winning love and appreciation of not just fans but also the critics for all the right reasons. She plays the fun and quirky character of Rinku in the project who's very 'sanskari' and at the same time, someone who enjoys TV serials a lot. As we all have seen, her character revolves around her husband and henceforth, initially, it comes off as really innocent and gullible. However, is that really the case throughout? What has her experience been working on this? When Angela was asked about the same, she quipped and we quote,

"Well, the character is one of the finest that I have had an opportunity to play. It's very layered. This is one of those rare projects where when the story unfolds, we realize that all the characters have grey shades to it. The very reason I took Rinku's role was because it is very layered and has so many twists and turns. While the first half might give you a feeling that Rinku is all innocent, the same sweet girl turns into a really bonkers woman for different reasons. Why that happens is something that you need to figure out by watching the film. But yes, it's a woman-centric and my character is very strong and hence I really enjoyed it. Also, I must take a moment to thank all the honourable critics for their support and love. Whatever reviews the project has been getting, my character of Rinku has received a lot of appreciation everywhere and as an actor, that's all that you want. I am so grateful to everyone."

When asked further about her work experience with Ameesha Patel who plays the role of Laila in the movie, she shared,

"Oh, I had a lot of fun shooting with Ameesha. She is so down-to-earth, humble and nice. On set as well, she was always so supportive. She is really amazing and a brilliant actress and I love her vibe."

Well, congratulations to Angela for bagging a great success and here's wishing her good luck and happiness so that the love and support towards her may never stop. Stay tuned for more updates.
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