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A new normal in fashion industry

By: Team Ifairer | Posted: 11-05-2021
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A new normal in fashion industry
A new normal in fashion industry, a new normal in fashion industry,  fashion industry,  mona gautam ,  charvi dutta ,  akansha bhalla,  sonaxi chanana,  sakshi saini
Sakshi Saini

We all know due to this COVID19 a lot of industries were  facing so many problems and crisis.  So as our fashion industry is trying to get back on track day by day again , with the increase in lockdown restrictions, designers have reduced work but still doing it  while keeping safety precautions, such as social distancing, sanitization and masks, in place .

Fashion has always been changing and trending which has always been taken care by models that help us to be updated with new changing trends An interactive talk with some of our gorgeous famous models of Elite Miss Rajsthan  Mona Gautam , Charvi Dutta , Akansha Bhalla and Sonaxi Chanana told us that how are they still coping  to manage their shoots during lockdown and how in such hard times they have worked to keep us updated with fashion trends.

Model Mona Gautam who shares that “shoots in lockdown were bit difficult but she managed to do all the shoots really well while taking all the necessary precautions and measures. She prefers health above anything and took proper diet and healthy food to build her immune system.  In these hard times, I usually try my best to do shoot in early morning and try to complete it as soon as possible  “
So as when gorgeous Akansha Bhalla told us about how she used to take care while shooting “I personally used to prefer indoor shoots much because outdoor shoots were pretty risky . I make sure that I don’t come in close contact with anyone so I tell my clients and any other person who is linked not to be physically present there and tooTrying to solve clients issues over video call. I did a shoot over FaceTime as well.”

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a new normal in fashion industry, fashion industry, mona gautam , charvi dutta , akansha bhalla, sonaxi chanana, sakshi saini

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