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5 Vastu Friendly Plants to Keep In Your Home

By: Team Ifairer | Posted: 20-05-2024
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5 Vastu Friendly Plants to Keep In Your Home, 5 vastu friendly plants to keep in your home
The ancient science of Vastu Shastra addresses living a proper lifestyle. Vastu Shastra, which has endured for thousands of years thanks to written records and inherited knowledge, examines the elements and their energies in an individual's environment. Vastu then shows how these energies will affect an individual's life. This includes everything, including the placement of your bed in your bedroom, the appropriate spot for a mirror, and any decorations you may have.
People are frequently advised against keeping certain plants in their houses. This blog describes every plant that, in accordance with Vastu Shastra, you should have in your house and which ones you should avoid for optimal effects.

5 Plants To Keep In Your Home For Good Luck

Holy Basil or Tulsi:

India's use of tulsi, often known as holy basil, dates back many years. It is so much so that several old traditional residences still have tulsi plants in the middle of their courtyards. Recently, modern science has revealed the truth about Tulsi plants, which our culture has known for centuries: holy basil continuously produces oxygen, making it a great plant in our homes. These plants are revered and infuse our houses with great positive energy; they work best when placed towards the north, east, or northeast.


Because they grow swiftly and exude pleasant energy, bamboo plants are symbolic of growth, luck, and harmony. They are frequently connected to riches and fame as well. But instead of going for the dark green bamboo, pick the bamboo with yellow-tinted bark. Position them at the southeast or east corner.

Money Plant:

As their name suggests, money plants are a well-known sign of a person's financial growth. It's well known that keeping a money plant in the house and caring for it properly can bring wealth and prosperity to the household. The money plant grows best in the southeast direction, which is ruled by Lord Ganesha.

Banana Tree:

Vastu Shastra advises growing a banana tree in your backyard for financial stability and peace of mind. In our culture, banana trees are revered, and they are even worshipped in many parts of India. The banana tree will do best in the northeastern section of your property.

Neem Tree:

Neem is a key component of Ayurveda and is revered as a sacred tree in India. Its therapeutic qualities not only deter bugs from entering your home but also produce feelings of positivity and contentment. The ideal location for neem tree planting is the northwest corner.

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5 vastu friendly plants to keep in your home

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