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By: Team Ifairer | Posted: 15-05-2024
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5 MILLENNIAL PINK OUTFITS TO KEEP YOU LOOKING LIT, 5 millennial pink outfits to keep you looking lit
Now that millennial pink is officially in vogue, you finally have an alibi for the copious amounts of girly pinks smeared all over your bedroom. Disney Princess hangover? Naah, more like a haute couture hue! The subtle, feminine color is everywhere, reminiscent of retro soda shops, candy floss, Wes Anderson films, and cruising down an old Hollywood boulevard in a Cadillac.

What’s best—you don’t need to be a girly girl to pull off the dreamy couleur du jour, either. Here are five fun fashion and beauty looks to tickle you (millennial) pink!

Flirty Femme

Channel your girly best with these elegant separates, perfect for a daytime date or brunch out with the girls. If you’re a wee bit cold or looking to give your outfit some edge, offset the feminine silhouette and colors with a rugged denim jacket. Dress your eyes in metallic gold or silver eyeshadow framed with wispy, mascara-whipped falsies. Finish with a matte pink lipstick or lip stain, blush on the apples of your cheeks, and voila - you’re ready to knock them dead!

Malibu Barbie

Millennial pink looks great on any skin tone, but it’s best worn with a tan. This cutesy one-piece evokes memories of old Hollywood actresses sipping coolers by the pool, perfect for your next resort getaway. Wear it with a BB cream + highlighter-imbued glow, dreamy blue eyeliner on your waterline, a dab of tinted lip balm, and summer-ready nails. Next, get a pink lemonade and find your place in the sun!

Riot Girl

Your favorite musician’s in town for a gig, and you’re not sure how to woo him from the crowd? This lush, metallic skirt paired with a rock-ready, cropped tee will force all the other fangirls to step aside. If you came to dance, switch up the heels with comfier combat boots. Wear with your meanest reverse smoky eye or glittery lips, brush on some high-volume mascara, and get ready to rock everyone’s socks off!

Corporate Queen

Just because you’re up to serious business doesn’t mean you must look basic. Breezy, pink trousers will keep you comfy through back-to-back meetings, while this crisp white vest screams, ‘I came to conquer!’ Don’t be afraid to accessorize with a statement cuff or earrings while understating your makeup. That means a classic cat eye, a hint of blush on your cheeks, and nude pink lipstick for the perfect, polished finish.

Athletic Electric

The Athleisure trend doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, but we’re not complaining — it’s so damn comfy! Dual-toned denim jeans, a sporty chic jacket, and those to-die-for sneaks can carry you from your boyfriend’s football game to the office to dinner downtown in Olympian speed. Match this look with makeup as trendy — eyes adorned with pink eyeshadow or white liner, shimmery glazed lips, and lit-AF, highlighted cheekbones.
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5 millennial pink outfits to keep you looking lit

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