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4 Easy Maintenance Tips for Your Bike

By: Team Ifairer | Posted: 11-05-2024
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4 Easy Maintenance Tips for Your Bike

, 4 easy maintenance tips for your bike
March, April, and May in India’s hot climate are known for having exceptionally humid days. The steps for bike maintenance in summer are very dissimilar to those you must take in the winter or rainy season. This can make it challenging, as heat and grit are two of the hardest things for bikers to contend with during summer.

The worst possible scenario for a biker would be staring at a mechanical breakdown in the middle of nowhere during the hot summer months and being unable to ride home or reach one’s destination on time. However, you have the power to prevent this. We advocate for maintenance over replacement. In this article, we will equip you with bike maintenance tips for summer, empowering you to maintain your vehicle to withstand the scorching heat.

Easy guidelines to maintain your bike during summer:

The Indian summers are very predictable - hot, humid, sunny and very uncomfortable! But even with these harsh conditions, life goes on and you have to commute daily. If you commute on your trusted bike, the bike will be exposed to the same harsh conditions and you need to ensure it doesn't take a huge beating due to these conditions. The good news is, simple care tips can help you increase the life of your bike. Thankfully, there are some straightforward tips you can follow to keep your bike safe. Here are some of them:

●One important tip is to avoid filling your petrol tank to the brim during hot days. In the heat, petrol expands, leading to overflow or damage to your bike's fuel system.

●Also, avoid leaving your bike under direct sunlight for extended periods. The intense heat can damage various components, such as the tank's paint, plastics, and fuel.

●Regular maintenance checks are essential during the summer months. Inspect your bike's tyre pressure and tread depth frequently, as hot weather can cause fluctuations in tyre pressure.

●Lastly, remember to clean your bike's air filters regularly. Dust and debris accumulate faster in dry, hot conditions, affecting engine performance.

By following these simple maintenance tips, you can keep your motorbike in top condition and enjoy hassle-free rides throughout the summer. Rest assured, these tips have been tried and tested, and they work.

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4 easy maintenance tips for your bike

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