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10 Vital Winter Car Care Tips

By: Team Ifairer | Posted: 11-05-2024
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10 Vital Winter Car Care Tips, 10 vital winter car care tips
Harsh weather conditions can take a toll on your car. Whether in the monsoon, summer, or winter, your car needs good care to stay in top-notch condition. This article provides in-depth winter car care tips to keep your vehicle running smoothly during cold conditions.

Important winter car care tips

Winters can be brutal in certain parts of India. Thus, it is essential to take proper steps to prepare your car for the winter. This can increase the lifespan of your vehicle, and the right car care can potentially reduce the cost of maintenance or repairs. Here’s how you can do so.

1. Check your car lights

During the winter, the sun sets early in the day, meaning there is less daylight. Therefore, you’ll want to ensure your car’s lights are working at their optimum level. If the car lights (headlights, tail lights, turn indicators, and reverse headlights) are not working, check them and replace them.

2. Maintenance of your car battery

Your car battery may be more challenging to operate in the cold than in hot weather. A weak battery may operate during warm weather, but it is likely to die during the winter season. Before a long journey, check the battery to ensure it is in working condition. If it needs to be replaced, ensure you do so immediately so you don’t end up stranded on the road.

3. Empty and fill engine oil/coolant

Topping up the engine oil or the coolant may not be the solution if you have been using it for too long without changing it. You should consider using a lighter engine oil that is right for the cold weather conditions. Review the owner’s manual to determine the manufacturer's recommended temperature ranges and fill the engine oil and coolant accordingly.

4. Check the condition of windshield wipers

Windshield wipers play an important role in cold conditions and do not have a long lifespan. If there are visible cracks or damages, replacing them with new wiper blades is better.

5. Inspect the windshield for cracks

The car’s windshield is an integral part of the vehicle. It helps prevent wind, rain, fog, or snow from entering the cabin. During cold weather, fog, mist, or frost could accumulate on the windshield, hampering your vision of the path ahead. You can solve this issue by balancing the temperature inside and outside the vehicle using the climate control system or the defroster.

6. Test the defroster and climate control

The defroster keeps your car windows from getting icy or foggy, and the climate control system works to keep you warm. Ensure both are in working condition and make suitable repairs or replacements if required.

7. Check the tyre pressure and tread depth

Tyres are the first contact point between the car and the surface. They need regular maintenance, especially during the winter season. Check the tyre pressure and ensure it is up to the prescribed limits. Also, check the tyre depth for wear and tear and replace them if necessary.

8. Warm up your car engine

Warming your car engine is among the simplest methods of winter care for your car during cold conditions. This helps the engine oil cover every engine nook and corner. Revving the engine for a few minutes should allow the engine to warm up and perform to its optimum levels. It also helps decrease the wear and tear of the engine.

9. Examine the brakes

The roads can be slippery in wet conditions, so you need good brakes to avoid mishaps. Examine the brake pads and discs for wear and tear and get them replaced if necessary.

10. Renew car insurance

Repairing the damages to your car due to cold conditions can be expensive. It is prudent always to keep your car insured to mitigate financial losses during such instances. You can renew car insurance instantly through online platforms such as our website or mobile app. Simply scroll up to the top of this page, complete the online car insurance renewal process, and get the policy document instantly.

Nothing can be more helpful than doing homework before driving your car in cold conditions.

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10 vital winter car care tips

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