Divine Encounter

For quite some time, I've been constantly reminded of a most divine encounter with a god-tier woman. It was my first open relationship, which was a 'friends-with-benefits' type deal.She is one of the most intelligent women I've ever met in life. To my surprise, she's four years my senior. A tad shorter than me - which was quite adorable.

Lovely, long blond hair, and very pretty eyes. I'm sure they were hazel. I can't quite recall her eyes. Sex didn't feel like just 'sex'. To either of us. There was a deep connection. We understood each other in such a way that our previous partners never could have done. I don't think anyone could have, but I've been proven wrong many a time. She even enjoyed switching between dominant and submissive roles -- I like switching, too.We knew we would have to sort out our personal issues in life at a certain date, and that time has recently passed. She shall be going to Florida, where she'll aspire to join the Navy. Will she? I can't say. The one thing I didn't understand was how set she was in her ways. If she doesn't adapt, I doubt it.
With my father taking my sister from me, and wanting absolutely nothing to do with me (I was the first person to leave; to return to my father to help him), I shall enlist once more in the United States Army, where I'll take up my previous job as a motor transport operator -- a truck driver. I'll aspire to re-classify to military police, where I can use that to become a cop in the States post-military.

How I wish we could have had one more moment together. But now the wheels of fate or what have you are in motion. Maybe if we both do this, there might be a chance. And if not, you shan't be forgotten. I hope I won't be, either. This is for you C..From A close friend. An endearing lover. My best friend.

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