Different Strings of Guitar

It's been 2 years now. No, not yet 2 that we haven't  seen each other. Well the story starts from 21st April, 2006 that we first spoke to each other. We had no idea, the things will grow up so fast that spending a moment without each other will be felt like a crime. But, people from different states are left with no other options too. We used to remain extra excited for our Summer vacations, as that was the time we could meet up. The exictment grew as the time to meet each other came closer. Time passed and we grew up. 2010, we completed our senior secondary, and finally it was time for him to shift to my state. Going to college together to lunch to tutions to dinner, it was just us. Clearing an examination was signal that now we need to move out of our homes and switch over to Mumbai.

Mumbai, the best time spend together with friends, all together. There he started playing Guitar and Joint one the leading Band. Actually we both started playing guitar, but i left it and he made it. 10 months was not enough time, but time passed by so fast. It was time to be back to our own states. And then one fine day, I revealed our relation in front of my parents. Fortunate, I was that my parents agreed. But unfortunately I was that the person whom I trusted for 7 long years, stepped back. Don't know what the reason was but whatever that was, Disaster it was. Suddenly, after 6 months my phone beeped up. Yes, it was him. There were many questions left unanswered. But didn't even want those answers. With each passing day i came to know something about me. And those things started killing me. Can't help it, now, it was no more of us but only his life. He is the king of his life.

Things started getting clear between us. Situations went normal. I again fell for him. Now, that i fell for him he came up with a new surprise. He was getting engaged. And soon he was leaving for United States. Fair enough life was with me. The one who always controlled my feeling, who protected me, who was there by my side, left me alone. He made me matured in fractions of seconds.

Even after being engaged he is confused whom does he want. He cant even break his engaged relation nor even wanna leave me. But in whole it was me only who was being ditched again and again and was being hurt. Well, that's what life is. If you want anything from your heart uh'll never get it. Rupali, 25

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