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Youngest Navya Sharma from jaipur wrote a novel "SCRATCH "

By: Team Ifairer | Posted: 23-04-2019
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Youngest Navya Sharma from jaipur wrote a novel
Navya Sharma is one of the youngest and talented writer from the city of Jaipur. The disciple of Jaipur's prestigious school St. Xavier's, began to concoct stories in her mind at the age when kids never picked a pen willingly. She recently wrote a novel named "SCRATCH". The novel introduces you to a young girl Valens, who discovers her identity in the magical world.

Navya Sharma was bitten by the bug of books and writing when her father set off to bringing novels when she was in grade 5. Never has she turned her back to literature since. The prodigious author started penning down her thoughts into words at the age of 14. But everything was not hunky-dory. Her father aspired her to become a doctor, whereas her mother wished she blossomed into an IAS officer. But destiny and Navya had other plans. The spunky teenage girl kept on with her writing spree. Days were dedicated to her school studies, while nights were devoted to her passion. Taking a cue from her performance, her parents once again insisted upon choosing academics of their choice. But the rebel in Navya backed her further to accomplish her dream at the age of 17, post senior secondary exams. Today, she stands as one of the youngest writer from the city of Jaipur with Scratch.

The novel introduces you to a young girl Valens, who discovers her identity in the magical world. She hops on the odyssey of adventure and an eccentric parallel universe which hinges on mystery, secrets, thrill, family and her equation with them. The protagonist is an underdog who showcases an act of unbridled courage during trying times. Her unprecedented will and the strong belief in herself are among the few traits which force you to delve deep into it. The scenario of the plot is extremely relatable and intriguing at the same time. The suspense, characters, narratives, conversations and twists keep the reader invested, and on the edge of their seats till the end. The wit, one-liners and intense climax anchor the novel with novelty. The storyline has been knit so closely and with a discretion that you beg for more. With so many emotions and more, this fantasy fiction not even once ceases to excite you.
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