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By: Team Ifairer | Posted: 11-03-2022
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VIEWERS ENJOY A LIVELY DISCUSSION ON IDENTITY, MIGRATION AND EXILE, mugdha sinha,  jawahar kala kendra,  mr louis philippe dalembart
Jaipur। A lively book talk was organized by IAS Association, Rajasthan at Jawahar Kala Kendra Book Club today. The conversation was based on the book ‘Home And The World: Migration, Identity AND Exile’ written by author Mr Louis Philippe Dalembart. He was in conversation with IAS Literary Secretary, IAS Association, Rajasthan and Secretary & Commissioner, Department of Science and Technology, Government of Rajasthan, Ms Mugdha Sinha. The talk focused on identity crisis that migrants face in the world and the impact of multiculturalism, acculturation on individuals and institutions.

Louis Philippe Dalembert is an Haitian poet and author. His works have been converted into different languages. He presently splits his home among Paris and Port-au-Prince.

Dalemnert's protagonists are women.
 Women who are different , but in the end as he writes, "it doesn't matter their skin color, it doesn't matter their religion, which god they prayed to; when the boat would collapse, the Mediterranean sea would drown them all the same.
This snippet from his book showing how it is equalising the power of exile and migration
Talking about a significant part of this book; the identity crisis people face when migrating, he focused on how identity and belongingness are different.
When moving around much from Haitan, Paris, Italy he adopted to a lot of cultures but in the process he forgot where he truly belonged. He says that identity is something people carry with themselves from birth but belongingness is developed with time.

He further said that they can't divide us just to take profit of our diversity. How identities are created to make people stand out from one another, easier to divide and to control

The conversation brought out a lot of important and deep topics that were discussed amongst the audience as well.
The event was organised by IAS literary society in collaboration with Frenchy ambassy in India, French institute in india and it's annex in Jaipur and aliance francaise network in india.
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