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To Know where god exists

By: Team Ifairer | Posted: 31-07-2019
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To Know where god exists
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This is the very big question for many people that does God exists or not. Many raise question in positive way while some in negative way. God has not sent anyone straight from heaven, to solve all the mysteries and satisfy our inquisitive mind. He let His people evolve, think on their own and come up with their own answers to life, God and truth. It would be shallow to completely deny the presence of that one power, for the universe, man, thousands of creatures, the sun, water and life have not been created in a fluke.

In a broader sense, God is defined as someone who's ultimate, supreme and absolute. He epitomizes perfection in every possible way, is flawless and yet undefined. He's omnipotent, omnipresent and ever benevolent. His ways are all powerful, he's unstoppable and therefore, every now and then, we term the workings of God as 'his ways' and that which we humans have no control over.

Believers believe and the non believers seek 'evidence' to prove to them that what it is that makes people accept the reality of Him. 'You just have to believe' is a far cry from rationalism and does nothing to make one believe in His presence.

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to know where god exists, exactly where god exists, spirituality, astrology, god, ifairer

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