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By: Team Ifairer | Posted: 03-02-2022
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TIPS IN REWILDING YOUR SKIN, wedding glow,  wedding season,  bridal makeover,  glow lock
By Kanishka Vijay

As wedding season is a around the corner, bride and groom should look after their wedding glow. To lock the wedding glow I brought some tips that can be really helpful. Restoring the glow could be hard but not impossible. 


Tip 1: Take it easy with cleansing. Your skin produces valuable oils at great metabolic cost, don't wash them away twice a day. Rinse in the morning with luke-warm water only, for a microbiome-friendly start to your day.

Tip 2: Go make-up free as often as you can. No make-up means you don't have to clean too deeply and tip 1 already explains why hanging onto your natural oils is important.

Tip 3: Turn towards the sun. Spend at least 15 minutes in the sun everyday if you can without sunscreen. Yes, that's right! Vitamin D is essential to your health on every level, including skin health.

Tip 4: Quit sugar. This is probably the biggest challenge we have for you. It does require a lifestyle change but just say, No thank you. once, twice, three times; and before you know it, it will be your natural response.

Tip 5: Exercise is good for you, period. It is also great for skin health. Sweating releases toxins that build up over time and getting your heart rate up, coupled with good breathing techniques, increases blood flow to your entire body, skin included.

Tip 6: Getting out into nature reseeds your body and skin with an abundance of nature's best medicine - good microbes.The side effects of rewilding are also great for reducing stress levels, elevating happiness and so much more.

Tip 7: Avoid anti-bacterials. It sounds difficult in our modern world, but there is very little need to sanitize at home and there are so many amazing eco-conscious options that are better for you and the environment.
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wedding glow, wedding season, bridal makeover, glow lock

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