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Tips for face washing!

By: Team Ifairer | Posted: 04-02-2022
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By Kanishka Vijay

Do you know proper face washing can bring a difference in your appearance? Washing your face is like therapy. The face wash is a simple and straightforward routine. Mainly face wash is done thrice a day, but I prefer to wash your face whenever you feel like it. The right way of doing it can bring a difference in acne breakout and skin clearance. 

No matter what skin type and texture you are having, you must incorporate face washing in your night routine for skin cleansing. Apply face wash after removing makeup and prepare your skin for some skincare regimen. 

Here are 5 tips for washing your face:

1: Double Cleanse: Double cleansing helps ensure that you are removing all makeup and impurities from the skin! We love using a gentler cleanser for the first cleanse (& Papaya Enzyme Cleanser/ & Gentle Cleansing Lotion) or micellar water.

2: Time: Gently cleanse for a minimum of 30 seconds to help break up and dissolve impurities!

3: Water Temperature: Make sure the water is lukewarm. Hot water can irritate and inflame the skin. Coldwater doesn't help break up any dirt on your face.

4: Pat Dry: Pat your skin dry with a clean towel!

5: After Cleansing: Start routine within 60 seconds of cleansing to ensure your skin is properly balanced and hydrated.
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fast washing, skincare, tips of face wash

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