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Tips for a better experience during your time at the airport

By: Team Ifairer | Posted: 08-02-2022
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Tips for a better experience during your time at the airport, airport experience,  travel tips,  airport hacks
By Kanishka Vijay

Use these tips for a better experience during your time at the airport:

- Confirm bag size/weight: Nothing worse than getting to the airport and you have to pay extra fees because your bag was too big or too heavy.

- Bring an empty water bottle and snacks: Airport food is drastically marked up. Know the TSA rules but bring snacks to avoid buying them. And bring an empty water bottle to get through security and fill it up for free before boarding your plane.

- Prepare for security: Know the rules and what will be asked of you before stepping in line for the security check. This can save you and everyone else in line some time and extra headaches.

- Check-in before arriving: This can save you time if you are checking a bag and can let you know information like your gate number so you know where to go even before security.

- Use a VPN: Free wifi is great but getting your information stolen isn't. Consider getting and using a VPN if you use a lot of public wifi.

- Note Parking Space: If you park at the airport note where you parked so that when you return home you are not wandering around the parking lot trying to remember.
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airport experience, travel tips, airport hacks

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