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The Fitness Icon Shilpa Shetty Is Back With A Motivational Post

By: Team Ifairer | Posted: 03-05-2021
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The Fitness Icon Shilpa Shetty Is Back With A Motivational Post, shilpa shetty,  bollywood,  coronavirus india
On Monday actress Shilpa Shetty reached out to her fans on social media. Sharing with us the simple mantra of "live in the now", She uploaded a picture of herself meditating amidst nature. She penned down Motivation words and said, 'Faith and hope are what we need right now.' In the post, we can see her meditating amid in nature's lap, on a mountain. The actor advised getting rid of overthinking by sharing a piece of advice alongside her picture. "Overthinking will destroy your happiness and your mood. fell make everything worse than it is. Take a deep breath. exhale, and have faith. What's meant to be, will be," she wrote.

The note attached to the image brimmed with positivity and brighter possibilities. The fitness icon wrote in the caption, "We're all reading about the actual situation around us and it is devastating. This news plays on the mind all the time and leads the mind to very dark places. But then, there are posts and news about strangers helping people desperately in need of help. People who are cooking meals for COVID patients living alone, volunteers driving down to people needing medical assistance, and doctors providing information & guidance via online sessions. So reassuring".

The actor also urged people to possibly help those in trouble and said, " If we can do something for someone, we definitely must! But if not, don't panic excessively. Tune out for a little while, inhale deeply, and believe that it will get better from here. Live in the NOW. Together, we WILL overcome this. We will walk through this time towards a better tomorrow. Faith and hope are what we need right now." 

She is currently seen as a mentor and judges on the dance reality show, Super Dancer: Chapter 4. She is best known for her work in films such as Life in a...Metro and Dhadkan among others.

India registered a slight dip in COVID-19 cases as it registered 3,68,147 new coronavirus infections and 3,417 related deaths in the last 24 hours, informed the union health ministry on Monday morning. With this, the cumulative count of the cases has gone up to 1,99,25,604. The daily spike had reached its peak of over four lakh cases on May 1 but came down to 392,488 cases yesterday.
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