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Study: Diet affects quality of sperm

By: Team Ifairer | Posted: 30-12-2019
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Study: Diet affects quality of sperm
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Researchers have found a study that sperm is affected by diet and its results appear rapidly. The research also gave new insights into the sperm process which, in the long term, can continue to assess sperm values by modern testing methods. The study published in 'PLOS Biology' was found by researchers at Linkoping University who fed healthy young men a high sugar diet.

Anita Ost, a senior lecturer in the Department of Clinical and Experimental Medicine at the University, and also the head of the study said: "We see that diet influences the motility of the sperm, and we can link the changes to specific molecules in them. Our study has revealed rapid effects that are noticeable after one to two weeks." Many environmental and lifestyle factors, including obesity and related diseases, may affect sperm quality, such as type 2 diabetes, are well-known risk factors for poor sperm quality.

Epigenetic anomalies, which influence physical properties or rates of gene expression, are of concern to the research group which conducted the new study, even if the genetic material, the DNA code, is not altered. In some cases, such epigenetic changes will contribute to the transmission of properties through the sperm or egg from parent to parent.

In an earlier study, researchers have shown that male fruit flies that had eaten excess sugar shortly before the patient became overweight more often produced offspring. Scientists have hypothesized that RNA sperm fragments may engage in epigenetic processes, but it is too early to tell whether they do in human beings. The new study was initiated by the researchers to investigate whether high consumption of sugar affects the RNA fragments in human sperm.

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study, diet affects quality of sperm, diet, sperm, men health, health care, research, ifairer

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