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Steps to worship Surya Dev easily

By: Team Ifairer | Posted: 02-02-2022
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Steps to worship Surya Dev easily, surya dev,  astrological,  worshipping surya dev,  sun
By Kanishka Vijay

In Hinduism, Sun is personified as Surya Dev. According to many Vedas and Upanishads, Worshipping Surya Dev on Sunday will help to grant blessings and fulfilling of wishes. Even worshipping Surya Dev every morning will fill any person living with wealth, success, and prosperity. 

Here are some astrological ways of worshipping Surya Dev: 

1: Do a lot of Surya Jaaps (chants) during Grahan (eclipse).
2. Donate red and yellow colored pulses, food, and clothes to people in need.
3. Feed cows every day. Even if you can, pet a cow at your home. It will bring positivity to your doorstep. 
4. Always drink water from a copper bottle. According to our ancestors, It will lessen the health problems and help you cope with any problem related to Surya Dev.

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surya dev, astrological, worshipping surya dev, sun

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