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Some Psychology Reasons Why You Should Keep Your Life Private

By: Team Ifairer | Posted: 11-02-2022
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Some Psychology Reasons Why You Should Keep Your Life Private
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By Kanishka Vijay 

1. Not Everyone is Your Friend: You can not trust just anyone with information about your personal life. Even some of your so-called friends could be gossiping. Some people just love to ruin lives! This alone is a reason to keep your life as private as possible.

2. You Will Not Owe Anyone Any Explanations: Exposing your personal life gives everyone a front-row seat to your show and invites their opinions. Living a private life, you get to keep your business to yourself, and you certainly don't feel like you owe anyone any explanations.

3. Peaceful Mind: Feeling inadequacy and dissatisfaction resulting from social comparison cause depression and anxiety. Privacy removes the stress of waiting for validation from others, and you no longer care what people think of your life since they do not know anything about it.

4. More Safety: Private life is a happy life, but also a safe life! The less you share about your day online, the safer you will be. It is easier than ever for stalkers, identity thieves, and hackers to threaten people lives with all the info they freely share every day.

5. Better Relationships: Privacy gives you a chance to focus on what really matters. You can form more genuine bonds with friends and family and only allow a small circle of people you trust into your world. It is better to share and connect with a few people who genuinely care.

However, living a private life does not mean you should push people away, never open up about your feelings, or be isolated. It involves choosing carefully what details of your personal life you are comfortable sharing and whom you decide to share them with.
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psychology reasons, life private reasons, psychological

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