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Sohum Shah roars with Dahaad-critics shower praise on him for his impactful performance as cop Kailash Parghi!

By: Team Ifairer | Posted: 12-05-2023
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Sohum Shah roars with Dahaad-critics shower praise on him for his impactful performance as cop Kailash Parghi!, sohum shah ,  dahaad,  sonakshi sinha,  vijay varma ,  gulshan devaiah
Sohum Shah delivers yet another impactful performance in his latest series 'Dahaad', released recently starring Sonakshi Sinha, Vijay Varma and Gulshan Devaiah.

Having earned huge appreciation for his performance as a cop in 'Talvaar' by the critics, Sohum has nailed the role of a man in uniform yet again in 'Dahaad' that everyone had been eagerly waiting for.

Ever since the web series has been launched by the makers, the critics can't stop raving about his effortless and convincing portrayal of a cop in the series.

Praising Sohum’s performance, a popular critic wrote, “My favourite performance has to be of Shah’s Kailash Parghi. As the dejected colleague watch out for him in a scene where he sits in solitude and mourns the life he can’t have. It’s that rare moment of vulnerability that we would want to see more of by leading men in Hindi cinema.” Another one mentioned, “Sohum Shah also gave full justice to his character. The actor aced in emotional scenes.”

While one publication wrote, “Another inspector in the cop station is Kailash Parghi. His part is sketched with a brilliant moral arc and Sohum Shah completely nails it”, another popular website mentioned, “Sohum Shah of Tumbadd fame plays Kailash Parghi. While his character seems predictable in the beginning, it is only later that the meat is unveiled. And that’s the sign of a good actor. You flow along with the character and don’t even know.”

Meanwhile, another portal quotes, “Sohum Shah’s arc deserved much more limelight than he got. Maybe there is a season 2; if yes, please make a note.” A noted critic wrote, “Sohum Shah has compelling character development. We have seen crooked cops like Kailash Parghi in many movies and shows. But he leaves you surprised in the end.”

Commenting on Sohum’s character graph, a portal mentioned, “Sohum Shah as S.I. Kailash Parghi has the most interesting professional and personal conflicts to play with and Shah does a brilliant job in portraying the same. I did have an issue with his character development in the end but I will get to that later” whereas another critic added, “Sohum Shah plays the role of Kailash Parghi, a not so honest cop. His role is predictable, but he too has a nice side and that is unveiled at the end. The best part of his character is that you will not even realise the changes in him until you come towards the end of the show.”

Praising Sohum’s understanding of the complexity of his character, other three portals wrote, “Sohum Shah's inner conflict isn't as sharply outlined, but his understanding of Parghi's insecurities is so seamless, what comes forth is remarkably complex”, “Sohum Shah’s arc as the corrupt cop with a heart is also great and again, portrayed quite beautifully by the talented actor” and “Sohum Shah delivers a flawless performance as the conflicted cop.”

Apart from ‘Dahaad’, Sohum Shah has an interesting and envious line-up ahead which also includes his production venture 'CrazXy'.
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