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Oil is Well

By: Team Ifairer | Posted: 20-02-2022
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Oil is Well, kanishka vijay,  hair care
By Kanishka Vijay

Frizzy, damaged hair giving you tress stress? It is time to listen to your grandma - try oiling your hair with Vita oils. 

It is a vicious cycle - you wake up with hair that looks like something the cat dragged in and you try to tame it by styling (think heat damage), which ultimately leads to even more hair damage. The result is dry, seriously damaged, and brittle hair. It is time to try pampering your tresses. remember those long lectures on oil massages that your grandmother used to give you? well, test them out! we give you the low-down on vita oils that might just be the answer to all your stress troubles. 

What is it?

Vita oils is a unique combination of sunflower oil, coconut oil and almond oil, bringing the benefits of all three together. It is an innovative formulation that works on hair, nourishing and enriching it, repairing it from within. It can also be used for chemically treated hair, straightened, permed or colored hair. 

Three-in-one goodness

A mixture of three good for the hair oils, vita oils has multiple benefits for your mane. It works to nourish and moisturize your tresses and it forms a protective barrier around the hair, locking the moisture in the shaft and protecting it from environmental and pollution damage. Vita oils are full of essential vitamins that nourish and treat hair to make it smooth, shiny, and healthy. Plus, as it gets absorbed easily into the hair, vita oils replenish those much-needed vitamins. It nourishes the hair with essential oils that are regularly stripped away during every wash.

Oil versus conditioner 

Oiling your hair even for just 30 minutes before shampooing is good enough - most of the goodness of the oils gets absorbed by the scalp. Also, even the best conditioners cannot combat the humidity of our tropical environment. A hair massage restores lost shine, combats hair fall and gives hair the extra strength it needs. Hair conditioners are thick substances that coat the hair cuticle. They are usually acidic, providing hair with a positive charge. This leaves the hair with more hydrogen bonds between the keratin scales, giving your hair a more compact structure. 
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