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Nikita Rawal works with the BJP government

By: Team Ifairer | Posted: 26-01-2022
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Nikita Rawal works with the BJP government, nikita rawal,  politics
Nikita Rawal has had a long career as an actor and a performer. She has acted in movies across industries. Some of the notable films are Garam masala, Black and white, The Hero Abhimanyu, Mr hot Mr. Cool and down South, she has done Ajanta with Vijay, and many more she has also done 1478 live performances across the world. With those credentials, it is easy for her to work in any sector. But she chose to be with the BJP and work for the welfare of the people. She is currently handling the business development program of the party and she is actively involved with the people's welfare. She is positive and she is aggressive to help people.
Nikita says, I am currently with BJP and I am handling the business development program with them. They have welcomed me really well and the work environment is positive. I want to be an instrument of change and with the help of the people in the government, I think I will be able to pursue that Better. I had seen the hardships that people had to go through during the pandemic and I tried my best to help in whatever way it was possible from my end. I am inclined to help people and what better than to be actively involved with the government for doing the same. 
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