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Melvin Louis in his all new style avtar

By: Team Ifairer | Posted: 17-02-2022
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Melvin Louis in his all new style avtar, kanishka vijay,  melvin louis
By Kanishka Vijay

Melvin Louis has a gallant sense of style and one that has got the eyes rolling. He can carry a jumpsuit with the same swagger as a tuxedo and even a short and a t-shirt. That is a great reflection of someone who is truly stylish and extremely comfortable in his skin. He has come out in the open and spoken about his style and that it has to be comfortable. We understand that attitude plays a huge part and that is something he possesses in quantity. He is a dancer, entrepreneur, and style icon to the youth. His social media not only has engagement on his fantastic dancing skills but also his style statement every time he steps out.

Melvin says that style is comfort at first and then anything else. It's the heart telling you to be a true version of yourself and then you put that out in the way you carry, your attitude, smile, the way you greet people, and the attire you put on. I love wearing colours and something that signifies dance and contemporary art. That is my go-to one-liner if there is one. Glad that people like it and some try to emulate it. It has been something that I have always believed in ever since I was a kid. I am happy to be able to blend into multiple looks and aesthetics reflecting more. And never miss out on the comfort side of style.
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