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Ladies, be ready to learn the ways to sidestep painful feet

By: Team Ifairer | Posted: 23-02-2022
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Ladies, be ready to learn the ways to sidestep painful feet, kanishka vijay,  high heels
By Kanishka Vijay

Most women must have hurt themselves by twisting their heels or falling over. There is intense pressure on your lower back when you wear high heels which can be painful and yet harmful to the spine.
The constant wearing of heels will lead to forwarding curve formation of your spine as your lower backbends to compensate for the pressure. It will predispose you to joint stress and misalignment leading to pain. If you are already suffering from back pain, your orthopaedic consultant will never suggest you wear high heels.

Here are some major tips to ride those beautiful beasts. Read on...

Try and wear heels regularly to make your feet and calf muscles used to working at that high-intensity range taking the contraction and strain in stride.

If you are not a regular heels person go for moderately-high heels. These will give you height the desired lift and will save you from the torture that towering 6 inches and more give you.

Make sure you get yourself the right size and perfect fit. Most of the injuries and pain can be considerably reduced if we pick the piece that fits us perfectly. The right size will save your toe from unsightly affliction, you will thank yourself for this afterwards.

Use a silicone pad under your feet. They will support the ball of your feet and help in maintaining proper balance for a longer period.

After a long day at work where you have tottered all day in those murderous pair of shoes soak your feet in lukewarm water to ease the tired muscles. Cliched it may sound, but it works. Having a pedicure can be a welcome relief if you can spare the time and money.

Check your toenails before you break into a fresh pair of heels. The improperly grown or cut toenail when squished along the wall of the tip of the shoe can create havoc at the end of the day.

Always give time to your feet to relax and recover after they have been subjected to heel strain. Walk around barefoot or just go with flip-flops for a few days.
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