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Know everything about 3 months dating!

By: Team Ifairer | Posted: 09-02-2022
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THREE MONTHS is a push by yourself out of your comfort zone to have fun in dating and learn more about yourself. It is to submit your dating life to God and trust He is working it all out for your good!

Go out with a few people for 3 months without the intention of getting exclusive with ONE person until after the 3 months are up.

Tip 1: Have a heart check
Instead of labeling it as GOOD or BAD, I want to encourage you to ask yourself. Where is my heart at in approaching this? 

Tip 2: Consult your community
Get real with your community and ask a few trusted people to see if the 3-month challenge would be a win for you or not (it's not for everyone).

Tip 3 Journal your feelings
Were you comfortable and totally yourself or did you feel disconnected from yourself? Did you feel playful, or were you nervous and reserved? Did you feel connected and seen or distant and misunderstood? Write it ALL down!

Tip 4: Be honest with your date
I really enjoyed our date. I felt happy and connected and am curious to keep getting to know you. I also want to be honest and upfront with where I am in that I am practicing 3 months of non-exclusivity at the moment. I did love to continue this process but wanted to first be honest with you about that before moving forward.

Tip 5: Keep a steady pace
If you are talking to 2 people, it would not be fair to see one person 2-3 times a week and the other just once a week. Similarly, with communication, it wouldn't be fair to text 1 person ALL DAY LONG and another just a few times a week. If you are going to do this, you have to be committed to keeping an even balance as much as possible.

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relationships, dating, dating rule, dates, girlfriend, relationship advices, boyfriend

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