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JLF Soneva Fushi Reveals Star-Studded Author Line-Up

By: Team Ifairer | Posted: 21-03-2022
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JLF Soneva Fushi Reveals Star-Studded  Author Line-UpJLF Soneva Fushi Reveals Star-Studded  Author Line-Up
JLF Soneva Fushi Reveals Star-Studded  Author Line-Up, jlf soneva fushi reveals star-studded  author line-up,  jlf soneva fushiin
और जानें Each weekend, the programme is dedicated to flagship events, including keynote addresses, gala dinners on the sand, sunset poetry cruises, live musical performances and film screenings at Cinema Paradiso. Stand-out sessions include an inaugural address by Soneva Co-Founders Eva and Sonu Shivdasani, alongside Festival Co-DirectorsNamita GokhaleandWilliam Dalrympleand Festival Producer Sanjoy K. Roy, following welcome cocktails on Turtle Beach; director Mira Nair in conversation at Cinema Paradiso followed by a star-lit screening of Monsoon Wedding; a sunset poetry cruise, hosted by Arundhathi Subramaniam; and a keynote session with Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.

Weekdays at JLF Soneva Fushi will focus on more close-knit sessions and author discussions, as well as a range of engaging workshops where guests can unleash their own creativity, including creative arts and writing, Bollywood dancing and glassblowing. In true JLF tradition, each day will start and ends with music. Every morning, the festival will begin with a choice of enriching and enlightening sessions that focus on expanding guests’ horizons before breakfast, including yoga and meditation, dance sessions with acclaimed choreographers Gilles Chuyen and Puneeta Roy, guided snorkelling with Soneva Fushi’s resident Marine Biologist, glassblowing at the Soneva Art & Glass studio, and transforming waste aluminium into art at the Makers’ Place. Throughout each day during their stay, guests can explore and indulge in everything that Soneva Fushi has to offer: miles of pristine sandy beaches edged by tranquil turquoise waters; exquisite private villa accommodation, with Barefoot Butlers on hand 24/7 to anticipate every request; healing rituals and innovative wellness treatments at Soneva Soul; exceptional dining destinationsserving the finest cuisine from across the world; and rare, one-of-a-kind experiences that create memories to last a lifetime.

For those wanting to attend JLF Soneva Fushi, Soneva’s exclusive festival offer includes full access to the entire festival programme, daily full board at selected dining destinations, and complimentary return domestic transfers (wheeled plane), priced from USD 6,800 for two guests for a minimum four-night stay. Those who book before February 28, 2022, will also benefit from an additional 10 per cent JLF Early Bird reduction on their stay.
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jlf soneva fushi reveals star-studded author line-up, jlf soneva fushiin

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