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Is Dopamine Dressing can be a new dressing trend in 2022!

By: Team Ifairer | Posted: 25-01-2022
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Is Dopamine Dressing can be a new dressing trend in 2022!, dressing style,  fashion,  lifestyle,  comfortable clothing
The ongoing Covid people might have shifted the ramp to social media but, this trend has been the ray of hope. As the year transferred, everyone into the return of work from home and quarantines, the trend of dopamine dressing had to take the style. Dopamine dressing is a feel-good, mood-boosting dressing. Here are four ways to dress up in dopamine.

Suits in any season are always a hit. They are structured, bold, and when paired with some color look ultrachic. A fierce crimson blazer or a royal blue pantsuit can be the spirited choices for a wardrobe makeover or even a dandelion-inspired yellow suit to induce a happy mood.

Footwears are the star of any ensemble and since dopamine dressing is all about incorporating color, heels in different colors can be your go-to solution. Block, platform, and stilettos in colors like burnt orange, hot pink, and in styles like knitted and a mule could be a great new addition.

Jackets, blazers, coats, in colors like green, blue, and pink are the new game-changers. The good old denim works great but to add color and elevate mood try silk jackets as it adds sheen and luxe or pastel suede to add the oomph factor.
Since the winters are in an uproar, add colors to your turtleneck in shades of yellow, maroon, green, and orange. They attract warmth, coziness, and a wave of happy mood while you attend work from home zoom meetings.
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dressing style, fashion, lifestyle, comfortable clothing

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