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I would love to do a love story said Rakul Preet Singh while sharing what all genres she would like to explore

By: Team Ifairer | Posted: 21-11-2022
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I would love to do a love story said Rakul Preet Singh while sharing what all genres she would like to explore, rakul preet singh,  cuttputlli,  doctor g,   thank god

From out-and-out comedy to love stories, here are different genres that Rakul Preet Singh wants to explore

With her last releases like Cuttputlli, Doctor G, and Thank God, the prettiest Rakul Preet Singh was seen exploring many different genres in her films. Her zest for exploring more genres as an actress does not stop here. During a recent media event, Rakul was seen speaking about what all genres she wants to get into ranging from out-and-out comedy to love stories.

Rakul has always won the hearts of the audience with her pretty charm in different kinds of roles. While today the actress maintains a vibrant filmography with different kinds of roles, she still has some genres that she wants to explore. While speaking at the event about her interest in trying her hands at different genres, she said "Truly, I haven't done an out-and-out comedy, yet and an out-and-out comedy which I would love to do because in real life I believe I have a good sense of humour that no one has explored yet. I would also love to do a love story that is something I am really looking forward to. I haven't done a heartfelt Aashiqui kind of love story that still wrenches my heart. I would love to do a love story, that is something I really hope happens."

Moreover, Rakul has had a great run at the box office with her back-to-back film release. Ahead of this as she has expressed her interest in exploring different genres, her fans will also wait to see her in out-and-out comedy characters and a love story.

The actress is all set to continue her dream run and has an exciting slate of films ahead including 'Chhatriwali' amongst other unannounced projects.
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rakul preet singh, cuttputlli, doctor g, thank god

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