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How to take care of the natural hair of kids.

By: Team Ifairer | Posted: 31-01-2022
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Child hair care routine is not time-consuming nor a wastage of money. It is a matter of good ingredients, a good hair regimen, and consistency. Once you attain a routine that will work for you and your child, you can relax and enjoy their happy hair.  

Some steps you must apply while caring for your child's hair: 

1) Cleansing: 
You do need to shampoo the hair of your child. Product residue builds up over time and can clog pores and block moisture from entering hair follicles. The will be dry hair. However, shampooing more than once a week will dry out the scalp since it stirs natural oils. 

2) Moisturising:
The hair of the child is delicate and has a problem of wear and tear as compared to yours. Whether they are learning new things, playing in a field, running around, and sweating, At least several times a week, lock their hair with water or oils, even you can try store brought hair moisturizer. 

3) Trimming: 
Split ends and single strand knots are harmful to their hair. Detangling hair is also painful for them. So do regular trims to their hair for better growth and less pain. 

4) Styling: 
Low manipulation of hairstyles like braids and twists can be a lifesaver for both of you. As it protects hair from tangling, damage from dirt, and harmful chemicals. Even save your time from the everyday haircare routine.

5) Night Time Care: 
Have your child sleep on a satin pillowcase to reduce friction and breakage overnight. It is especially important if their hair is past their shoulders. 
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haircare, child care, kids hair, children hair, hair love

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