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How to pick the best swimwear, read more..

By: Team Ifairer | Posted: 18-02-2022
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How to pick the best swimwear, read more.., kanishka vijay,  bikini,  swimwear
By Kanishka Vijay

There are many women out there who have dimpled knees, fuller thighs, a tummy that can be called anything but flat, breasts that make them conscious. But should that stop you from not sporting a bikini? No. You need to pick the right swimsuit. We all go looking for that perfect fitted jeans right or that simple pair of heels, so what stops you from looking around for a swimsuit that suits you the best? Remember the focus should be on highlighting your plusses and drawing away attention from problem areas to create a sense of balance. Go on reading what kind of swimsuit will look best on you.


If your bosom is what gets the attention you just need to look around for the swimsuit that makes you look more proportionate. To begin with, a single piece swimsuit is what will work for you. if you would like to add a sense of sexiness, you could go in for a halter neck. Also, diagonal lines with contrasting colours will create a sense of confusion for the onlooker.

Pear shaped

You are slim on top and heavy waist down. Maillots in dark colour or a one-shoulder swimsuit are what will work for you. Look for tops with padding, underwire or demi bra style which make you look fuller or try the skirt bikinis. Just do not go overboard with the frills. A simple tennis star type dress will look smart and sexy at the same time.  


Frills are always in for this variety, ruffled, padded, sequinned, you could go the whole hog. The idea is to make you look fuller. Avoid the bandeau style tops, instead go in for halter necks, although some may advise it. Just keep away from polka dots and too many strings. you do not want to look like a schoolgirl, do you?


If you say round is a shape, we say no problem. Zebra prints, smocking on the tummy, smart colour blocking can not only nip and tuck the bulges but also make you feel more confident. Crossover style will also look great on you, dark colours are good as are swirling patterns. stay away from white and neon colours. 
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