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How to know your crush likes you!

By: Team Ifairer | Posted: 06-08-2022
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How to know your crush likes you!, how to know your crush likes you!

They won't avoid eye contact with you: They stare at you when they think that you are not noticing and if they catch you are looking at them they blush.

They get anxious around you: When you notice a change in their body language such as nervousness, their body shivering, they have feelings for you too.

They make casual physical contact: Handshakes, hugs are common forms or physical contact between closed ones.  Pay attention to your crush if they do this with only you or with other people also.  

They try to sit near or next to you: If you notice your crush sits next behind to you in a office meeting or with somewhere else, it could be a sign that your crush is interested in you.

They listen to you: When you are telling your crush a story or talking with them and they listen it to you carefully with some laughter or anything else, they likely have a crush on you.

They want to get to know you better: It implies when your crush shows intrest in you, they ask few questions about you about your personal life, about your interest and all. They might want to know your favorite cuisine or movies, your favorite bands, or childhood memories so they can get to know you better.

They call or text you a lot: When physical contact is not possible, they can always reach out to you over the phone. If you find yourself talking to your crush or texting them often, with them initiating it on most days, then they likely have a crush on you.

They get jealous when someone flirts with you: If your crush is so invested in your love life that they mind others trying to be with you, it could be a sign that they like you.

They ask your friends about you: Your close friends will always tell you if someone asks about you. If your crush likes you, they may ask your friends about your relationship status or likes and dislikes. This is a sign that they truly likes you.

They try to keep you happy: If your crush likes you, they would not want to see you dull or sad. In case you have a bad day, they would make an effort to cheer you up.
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