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How to dress simple but stylish!

By: Team Ifairer | Posted: 28-07-2022
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How to dress simple but stylish!, how to dress simple but stylish?

1.    Stay away from having too many colours in one outfit
It's best to combine no more than three shades in your outfit at once. If you do this, then the shown of your cloth will not be much good. It fades.

2.    Wear clothes that fit your figure
Choose clothes which fit your figure no more no less, dress clothes according to your size and you look fit in that. It will look super cool.

3.    Play with accessories
Playing with accessories is normal. When you wear a dress don't forget to put necklace and gold earrings. It could make you look more good and you will shine like a diamond.

4.    Sunglasses are your best friend
When you wear any type of dress don't forget to wear sunglasses when you go out. It will protect you from sunreses and it will benefit you also cz you'll super cool after that. It will develop your more confidence in public and you will have good personality.

5.    Take care of your clothes
Start paying attention when you wear clothes like : how to wear, how to fold it and how to iron them.

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